Our Story

A new breed of handcrafted food for pets

At Elixir Kitchens, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile when it comes to caring for your dog. We’ve spent the past several years providing dog walking and dog sitting services in our local area, and while doing so, noticed that many dog related products have improved by leaps and bounds, but dog food has remained somewhat stagnant. It’s mostly kibble, even if the manufacturer claims to use natural ingredients and promises to leave out corn, wheat, animal by-products, and chemicals that increase the shelf life of the product, but not necessarily of any value to your pets.

We asked ourselves: would we want to eat the same kind of food every single day? Our answer was no, and we imagine if your dog could talk, he or she would have the same answer. So, we created Elixir Kitchens.


Made for Dogs, Tasty Enough for Humans

Real ingredients come together to form our Stews, Treats and Toppers: this means that we use the types of ingredients you might find in a meal you eat at your own dinner table.. Our Nutritionists and Chefs work hand in hand to bring you a happy marriage of flavors from our classic human recipes, and ensuring your dog is getting all the nutrients he or she needs to be happy and healthy.