Our Story...

... of humble beginnings

About 4 years ago, I started Pawsitive Reinforcement - a Dog Walking & Pet Sitting service in New Jersey's Bergen County.
It was my personal project during a 'short break' from my corporate work life.

During this journey, I met Little Belle – a client’s Beagle who was terminally ill. I used to walk her through the working week, and at times feed her when her mother was away at work, or traveling.
Within a few months, she stopped feeding due to her medical condition.
As an experiment, we tried to feed her a stew that I would cook for my own pets, to see if a change in flavor would work.
Occasionally, I would bring her some of the Beef Treats, and in spite of her physical condition, she would always vocally appreciate the crunchy cubes of pure pleasure!

Unfortunately, we couldn’t stop Little Belle from crossing over the Rainbow Bridge, but the Treats & Stews did manage to give her an improved quality of life for the time she had remaining. Before she finally said good-bye, she took a good bite of the treats, and went to sleep on a full belly.

My time and experience with Little Belle gave birth to Elixir Kitchens.

I asked myself : Could there be anything better than focusing on improving the Quality of Life one pet at a time? And what's better than touching their lives through their stomach? 

That's the goal we wake up to every day! 
We brought transparency back to pet food - human-grade ingredients, food that smells and tastes so good.
Completely handcrafted in small batches, every ingredient pass through our own hands and not some automated machines!
With premium meat as the primary ingredient, slow cooked in a simmering medley of hand-picked vegetables and ancient grains. 
#SoulFoodForDogs in a nutshell!

 Gourmet treats for dogs, made by dog people!